{ block: 'b-link' }

Link block is ised inside other blocks.

For a simple like set the following bemjson:

{ block: 'b-link', url: '', title: 'Click here to learn more', target: '_blank', content: 'The best company all over the world' }

An url property transforms info href attribute. title and target properties turn into relevant attributes.



Disabled link

{ mods: { 'disabled': 'yes' } }

Makes a link or a pseudolink disabled.



A modifier for a link including an element

{ mods: { 'inner': 'yes' } }

For a convinient usage of an icon inside a link. Позволяет добавлять в ссылку elem: 'inner'. Содержит только css, которые переносит подчеркивание с самой ссылки на ее внутренний элемент.




{ mods: { 'pseudo': 'yes' } }

A pseudo modifier is to mark a link that does not open on another page. It has a dashed underline.


Inner element

{ elem: 'inner' }

This element is optional to contain a text of a link. It is needed if a link includesgrafic content, e.g. an icon.